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What is a Margay?


The Margay is perhaps the truest Jungle Cat completely dependent on cover of the treetop canopy throughout its Central and South American range. This medium size cat shares territory with the Ocelot but is much more arboreal. The Margay has unique physical features for surviving forested habitat. Their feet are exceptionally broad with mobile toes and flexible ankles allowing them to rotate 180º making them very efficient hunters and effective at moving about from tree to tree. Margays are quite capable of climbing down a tree head first. When moving about the tree canopy, should they fall, they can stop the fall by grasping onto limbs with their hind feet setting themselves upright. They are exceptionally agile climbers and excellent jumpers. Captive Margays have been reported to make leaps in excess of 18 feet vertically and over 28 feet horizontally, which rivals the Cougar for athletic ability.


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