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Kid Kart (ages 5-8)

Whether you’re looking to groom the next Formula 1 star or just looking to enjoy motorsports with the entire family and your young driver is age 5-8, the Kid Kart class is for you.  With safety and fun the first considerations, the purpose of the Kid Kart class is to introduce young drivers to the fundamentals of karting.  Accordingly, many of the mechanical variables are fixed so that the emphasis is on working with the driver rather than the equipment.  Everything from engine to gear ratio and tires are specified for all competitors.  At some clubs the kid kart class is a ‘participation only’ class with no awards for finishing position, just a participation award.  Other clubs consider the class like any other and allow kids to compete for points championships.

While many of the Kid Kart class rules are the same across the country, rules do vary by club so it’s always a good idea to check with your local club or track operator for their specific rules.


Suggested Kart: Margay Wildcat

Kid Kart Essentials

Kid kart

Note: these are only general guidelines - be sure to check with your local club for specific rules.

  • All drivers must have attained the age of 5 and can compete through the calendar year of their 8th birthday.
  • Combined kart & driver weight must meet the minimum requirement (usually 125 to 150 lbs.) at the end of each race.
  • Engine: 50cc Comer C-51 or Honda GXH50.
  • Fuel: gas & oil only, usually specified by track.
  • Spec Gearing: 219 chain, 10 tooth driver, 89 tooth rear sprocket.
  • Karts: No offset karts allowed, maximum width: 42”, wheelbase: 29”-31”.
  • Rear Bumper: Continuous loop shaped with vertical or angled bracing connecting upper and lower loop rails. Bumper must protect rear tires.
  • Tires: Brand and compound usually specified by track, size: 4.50 x 10-5 or 4.60 x 10-5, maximum circumference: 33.75”.
  • Spec Chain Guard: Chain guard is to completely cover chain when viewed from above
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